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Champagne anyone? Sparks is done–sent off into the world to pursue its destiny.I’ve put a permanent line through the ‘publish Sparks’ item on my list. Now I can fully focus on the next story. Except that…

I hadn’t realized that readers would get so attached to Gabrielle and Jarin. Friends ask what their next story will be. My goal now is to make the next pair of lovers attract readers just as much – or maybe even more.

I was thrilled with the Editorial Review from I loved the part about being ‘TV-ready’, but am puzzled about the comment of ‘a bit overdone’. How can a thriller be overdone? Well, there is lots of drama in Sparks. Guess I really paid attention when I learned the art of crafting dramatic conflict. 😀

Sparks is released as an ebook for now. But once enough readers express an interest, I will use the proceeds to also release a paperback version, available to bookstores and libraries.

In the meantime, #amwriting. Oh yes, and #amsippingchampagne.

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