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An autumn of firsts.

Sparks – my first novel – is now published as a Kindle Edition. It got its first editorial review. It has now also gotten its first Goodreads and Amazon reviews. Hopefully, they aren’t the last.

I’m thrilled that the first reviews are very positive – especially since they are from people I do not know, and may never meet. One of the reviews is from a reviewer to whom I sent a copy; another is from a reader who felt compelled to share her thoughts about Sparks. I thank them both very much.

There would now be many more reviews had I begged friends to write them. After all, many of them have a copy of Sparks. Instead, I decided to see whether Sparks could make its own way – be accepted on its own merits by people who do not know me and simply love a good read.

This is like starring in my own thriller, except with obstacles that are real, and that sometimes seem insurmountable. Each next page might bring disappointment and misery; but I am too riveted to turn away. I have to trust that whatever I think I see, whatever happens along the way, these first steps are heading toward a happy ending. My decision is made. I promise you–I’m all in.

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