Waves - Not Lines

Waves – Not Lines Photo Credit: Stephanie Swartz, Dreamstime.com

Yep, here’s another one in my bait-n-switch meme.

Not those kind of lines…

The ones I’m talking about are storylines. Why are they called that? Lines are boring. Once drawn, they just sit there. Doing nothing. Whomever named them should change the name.

Instead, I see story waves. Each made up of rising action, climax, falling action; constant motion. Some waves are the tiniest of ripples. I don’t use those. Others are of the tsunami type, wiping out everything in their paths. Nope – not those either. I capture story waves that start off as low cresting and fast moving. Then I make the waves higher, and their crests closer and closer together. Finally, the story climaxes with the one highest cresting wave that is just right for the end of an exciting ride…oops – I mean read.

Story ‘wave’ or story ‘line’? You decide. Read Sparks.


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