Pretty, But Too Many

Pretty, But Too Many Photo Credit: Andrejs Pidjass,

It is a physical law that energy is neither created or destroyed. In spite of that, my energy disappeared. Fatigued beyond belief, I screeched to a full stop. To my surprise, my energy replenished itself and even grew.

Then I understood – my energy hadn’t really disappeared, it had simply been spread out across too many exertions. How had I let that happen? I’ll go crazy trying to figure it out, and I prefer to keep my sanity.

It’s true that life is a juggling act. It’s also true that each of us has total control over the number of balls. So this juggler decided to simplify and drop a few. Another surprise – I dropped more than I kept.

It’s amazing how few things are truly important. For me, writing is one of those few things. All I need to do is be true to my voice and let the words fly.

Hello (again) World! What are you letting go of today?

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