Open Heart

Open Heart, Photo Credit: Alyona Ryazanova,

Fathers and Mothers; Children, Friends and Lovers; we all deserve to live in love.

Love is strength and passion; gentleness and mercy. It takes the best in each of us and reaffirms us all.

In love, hearts are given freely. But many times, open hearts fall prey to harm.

There are those who take love greedily, only with the purpose to sustain themselves. Black holes, they pull love in until it is utterly depleted; giving nothing in return.

There are those who take love to twist and deform it. The vilest of demons, they torture what was the most brilliant of lights into darkness.

In spite of potential harm, some of us still risk our hearts; daring to look for the one whose open heart completes our own.

We have an almost primal understanding that when one open heart matches another, each yields more love – to give to fathers and mothers, to children, friends, and each other.

Open your heart to love? Dare you risk it?

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