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Life rocks for Facebook, Google and other high-income, high-tech geeky types in Silicon Valley. In Sparks, the same is true for those living in Crescent City, and it’s even more upscale coastal neighbor Skye Pointe.

They work hard. They play hard. At the end of the day, they stagger home – or somewhere else – to bed. The typical ultra-chic, ultra-geek, urban lifestyle.

On one typical day, ultra-chic, ultra-geek, habitual rule-breaker Gabrielle Winston discovers something that she shouldn’t even have been looking for. Now she’s  in the line of sight of predators at the very top of the food chain – and they’re stalking her. Mad. Men. Some want her head, and others want…well…different parts of her.

They’re closing in for the kill. Can Gabrielle save herself? Could you if you were in her shoes?

Spoiler alert: Read the ending of Sparks near your lover. You’ll both be glad you did.


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