Rainbow Heart

Rainbow Heart, Photo Credit: vesnyanka, Dreamstime.com

I got quite a surprise when writing today. One of my characters is gay. I didn’t set out to write him that way. It seems he had a lover who has left him. A personal betrayal, it’s also a betrayal that affects the larger story.

There was only one problem. I had no idea how to write a relationship between gay people. I procrastinated, looked for distractions, tried writing other parts of the larger story. Nothing worked. When I came back to him, nothing had changed. He is gay, and I just had to deal with it. In the midst of spazzing about realistically portraying gay love, I suddenly saw the truth of it.

Love, a spiritual bond, is – of course – shared between spirits. The gender of the bodies inhabited by the spirits is incidental. So it follows that if I’m true to his love story, his and his partner’s genders don’t matter.

It’s not that I’m so naïve as to dismiss the issues that gay couples have. A few such issues may appear in this story – or not. It all depends on how the story writes itself. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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