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Black Cat, Photo Credit: Shipowner119,

During this past year, IRL (in real life) got crazy. There were highs, lows, many near misses, and a fair few crashes. Call me Phoenix – I’m still rising from the ashes. Luckily, I’m surrounded by those I love and who love me. Not everyone can put up with a Crazy Cat.

When I did manage to reserve time for writing, I used it to learn about self-publishing. I hope that when you look at Sparks, you’ll agree that it was time well spent. I am very proud of its look, and yes, of its content.

I’ve pulled myself back together, but I was afraid that writer’s block would keep me separated from my stories. Surprisingly, I’ve got the words! But not the discipline. For these first weeks, I’ve had to concentrate on keeping my butt in the chair. Of course, what I’ve written for the new novel is awful, but that’s to be expected. It’s the first narrative of the first draft.

Am I having fun? Is the writing getting better? Do I look forward to my writing time? Yes, yes and yes!  Happy landings.

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2 Responses to Crash!!! No Burn

  1. Monica says:

    My goodness, you’ve been living my life. Glad things are coming together for such a wonderful and thoughtful person and author.

  2. Thank you so much Monica. I hope things are now going well for you too.

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