Joy, Photo Credit: Mashakotcur,

Change is inevitable.

Change is unavoidable.

It is our collective past choices that determine the direction and result of change. Those collective choices put some of us square in the eye of a hurricane, and others of us thousands of miles away from where it strikes. Those choices land some of us in the lap of luxury, and catapult others out of their safety net and into homelessness.




The only sure thing about choice and change is that none of us knows, when making a choice, what change it will bring. We could make the best possible choice – and because of the influence of the choices of others – get the worst possible results. So why even bother to choose?

On the other hand – why not? Since we don’t know where choices will land us, we may as well make the ones that bring joy into our hearts. That way, even if the worst possible change happens, at least there’s happiness along the way.

And who knows? If we all choose joy…

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